Licence Terms

You do not need a licence to use Duplicate Scorer's basic features.

The licence fees below are for permanent licences. Just like a dog, these licences aren't just for Christmas, they're for life. Permanent licences will work with all future versions of the licenced product. In other words, upgrades are free.

When you buy a licence you don't get a new version of the software. What you get is a licence key which unlocks all features covered by the licence purchased.

The various licence types Duplicate Scorer as listed below. All prices are inpounds sterling (UK pounds) but you can pay by PayPal, in local currency, from most countries in the world.

More detailed terms and conditions are available on the licence purchase pages (yes, you do get to read them before you buy!) as are details of how to purchase upgrades. To buy or upgrade, click on the desired licence type from list below (or choose it from the Licencing menu on the left).

Existing licence holders can upgrade to a higher licence category on payment of the difference.

Licence TypePriceConditions Overview
Individual Licence £25

Covers one individual to install and use Duplicate Scorer's Advanced Features, with the exception of those designated as requiring a Club Licence (see the Advanced Features page for a definitive list), on a single computer. The licence is transferrable only to the extent that if you upgrade your computer you can install the application on the new one provided you remove it from the old.

An individual licence cannot be transferred to another individual or organisation.

Club Licence £50

(£25 upgrade for individual licence holders)

The licence is the property of the bridge club specified at the time of purchase and covers all bona fide members of that club to install and use Duplicate Scorer and all its Advanced Features on any number of computers owned by the club, or owned by members of the club. Duplicate Scorer may only be used to score competitions organised by the owning club.

Club Option Pack Licence £75

(£25/£50 upgrade for club/ individual licence holders)

A Club Option Pack Licence includes all the benefits of a Duplicate Scorer Club Licence. In addition it allows all bona fide members of the owning club to install and use all components of the Club Option Pack on computers owned by the club, or owned by members of the club.

Club Option Pack components can only be used to manage the membership of the owning club and/or in connection with competitions organised by that club.

BridgeMate Interface Licence N/A

The old Bridgemate Licence is no longer available or required. If you have bought one in the past, Duplicate Scorer will continue to honour it or you can upgrade, free, to a Club Licence. See Bridgemate Licence section for further information.

Android ScoreSheet Licence Various

You can use one or two devices running Android ScoreSheeet free of charge. This is for evaluation purposes. The cost of a licence for larger numbers of tables depends upon the maximum number of simultaneous users you wish to cover. See Android ScoreSheet Licences for further information.

Note that a Duplicate Scorer Club, or Club Option Pack, Licence is required to use Android ScoreSheet.