Android ScoreSheet Licences

To use wireless scoring, such as Android ScoreSheet, with Duplicate Scorer, you need at least a Duplicate Scorer Club Licence. A Club Option Pack Licence is preferable as it is easier to use wireless devices when you have a club membership database.

Duplicate Scorer with a Club, or Club Option Pack, Licence will support a maximum of two simultaneous connections from Android devices running ScoreSheet. This it intended to facilitate evaluation of the product. To use ScoreSheet on more than two devices, you will need an additional ScoreSheet connections licence. The cost of this depends upon the maximum number of simultaneous connections (ie. tables) your club will need at any one time.

You can use the Buy Now button below to purchase a licence for up to 5 tables, up to 10 tables or up to 20 tables. If you need a licence for more than 20 tables, please contact me by email to discuss your requirements.

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