Club Option Pack Licence

The Club Option Pack is a suite of programs designed to enhance usage of the Duplicate Scorer application within a bridge club.

Note that a Club Option Pack licence no longer covers use of the Bridgemate interface feature. An additional licence is required to use Duplicate Scorer with Bridgemates. In some cases, this licence may be provided free of charge. For more details, click on the Licencing menu and choose Bridgemate Licence.

A Club Option Pack Licence includes a Duplicate Scorer Club Licence. Upgrades are available for existing licence holders as follows:

If you do not have an existing Duplicate Scorer licence, you can use one of the payment options below to purchase a Club Option Pack Licence for a total cost of 75 sterling (UK Pounds) or equivalent in local currency.

Please read the terms and conditions (click here to view) before purchase.

Please also email me to advise the name of the nominated club.

Please note that I am not a merchant and I do sometimes go on holiday. If you intend to purchase a licence you may prefer to email me first to make sure I am around to deal with your purchase. Unless prior arrangements have been made, please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

Payment option 1: PayPal

Please select one payment option only.

To pay using PayPal, click the Buy Now button:

Payment option 2: Moneybookers

Please select one payment option only.

To pay by credit card from anywhere in the world using MoneyBookers, fill in your email address below and click on the Buy Licence button. You will be asked to open a MoneyBookers account if you don't already have one.

Your licence key will be delivered by email. Please type your email address here very carefully. If you don't get it right I can't send you your licence!

Deliver to (email address):
 (Cost is 75 UK Pounds)
Please note that payment will be handled by who are registered with the (UK) Financial Services Authority (FSA). Payment is handled via a secure server and they only send me the money - not your credit card number!

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