Bridgemate Interface Licence

The Bridgemate Interface Licence will be provided free of charge to any user who complies with the following conditions:

Your free licence will be issued when I receive confirmation of the sale from Bridgemate Pro (UK & Eire). A temporary licence can be issued whilst confirmation is pending.

Users who do not qualify for a free licence

If you do not meet the free licence conditions listed above then you must purchase a separate Bridgemate Interface Licence to use Duplicate Scorer with Bridgemates. Note that Bridgemate Interface Licences are only available to users who hold a valid Club, or Club Option Pack, licence. An individual licence is not sufficient.

Purchase a Bridgemate Interface Licence

Before purchase, please check that you do not qualify for a free Bridgemate Interface Licence as detailed above. Licence purchases are not refundable.

To qualify for a Bridgemate Interface Licence you must already have a valid Club, or Club Option Pack, licence. An individual licence is not sufficient.

Please note that I am not a merchant and I do sometimes go on holiday. If you intend to purchase a licence you may prefer to email me first to make sure I am around to deal with your purchase. Unless prior arrangements have been made, please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

To purchase a Bridgemate Interface Licence, choose one of the payment options below. Please also email me to advise the name of the nominated club.

Payment option 1: PayPal

Please select one payment option only.

To pay using PayPal, click the Buy Now button:

Payment option 2: Moneybookers

Your licence key will be delivered by email. Please type your email address here very carefully. If you don't get it right I can't send you your licence!

Deliver to (email address):
 (Cost is 20 UK Pounds)
Please note that payment will be handled by who are registered with the (UK) Financial Services Authority (FSA). Payment is handled via a secure server and they only send me the money - not your credit card number!

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