Duplicate Scorer

The only FREE* bridge scoring program to be fully integrated with all popular wireless scoring systems.

But why fork out for specialist hardware? Check out the companion Android "ScoreSheet" (see below).

Basic Features can be used free of charge for as long as you want. Licences are only required for Advanced Features such as Butler (IMP) scoring, teams events and running handicapped competitions. Use the Features menu to check out what's free and what's not.

Even the Advanced Features are available free on a try-before-you-buy basis.

For current version number and release notices, select Versions from the Home menu.

Android ScoreSheet

Using the Android "ScoreSheet" app, all you need to enable wireless scoring at your club is a set of Android tablets and a wireless router (no internet connection required at the club). For more details, see Wireless Scoring under Features on the left.

ScoreSheet is available from Google Play or, on your Android device, go to Play Store and search for Soxoft ScoreSheet

Club Option Pack

The Club Option Pack is an optional extra which turns Duplicate Scorer into a complete club management system. With the Club Option Pack, you can:

See the Features menu for details.

*Duplicate Scorer is free to use for basic scoring of duplicate pairs competitions. Licences need to be purchased to enable more advanced features. See the features menu for more information.