Wireless Scoring

Wireless Scoring is fast becoming the norm in bridge clubs. At first, expensive special hardware was required. Don't worry if you still have one of these systems. Duplicate Scorer will continue to support it, but now there is a cheaper option.

2017 saw the launch of Android ScoreSheet. This Android app allows players to enter their own scores at the table. The scores are sent to the scoring computer over WiFi and the scoring computer sends back traveller information and rankings for players to peruse at the table.

All you need to facilitate wireless scoring at your club is a wireless router (it doesn't need to be connected to the Internet) and one Android device per table. A minimum of a 7 inch screen size is ideal, but ScoreSheet will even run on an Android smartphone, if necessary.

ScoreSheet is available on Google Play or, on your Android device, go to Play Store and search for Soxoft ScoreSheet. Note that if you purchase a copy of ScoreSheet from Play Store then you can download it onto as many devices as you wish, without further purchase, provided all devices are logged on to the same Google account.

If you are already using a wireless scoring system with Duplicate Scorer, please note the following:

  • Competition Timer (part of the Club Option Pack) offers optional auto-switching - displaying the clock during playing periods and the results-so-far between rounds.
  • If you have used the Club Option Pack to set up a membership database, members can "sign on" to a Bridgemate unit at the start of the session - so you don't even need to type in the competitors' names.
  • Full Director override of Bridgemate results if necessary.
  • Automatic inclusion of contract details in results reports.
  • If you have the Club Option Pack, you also get Virtual Mate - an extra virtual Bridgemate table unit if you have a battery failure or don't have enough table units to go round.