Competition Timer

Does slow play drive you up the wall? Do you constantly have to chivvie players along? Do you end up watching the clock because you know nobody else will? Do you often finish later than you would like or find it difficult to predict a finish time?

Competition Timer will solve all these problems. It's specifically designed for bridge competitions but could actually be used for any competition which uses a similar format.

With Competition Timer, you enter how many boards are to be played each round and how many rounds are to be played. You may also enter the amount of time to be allowed for each board and how much time to allow for moving between rounds. All this information is saved so next time you only need to enter details which have changed.

Competition Timer will display a complete timetable of all round start and end times. The end time of the last round tells you when your competition will end.

Once it's all set up, start the clock. Competition Timer will display, in a large font so it can be seen from a distance, the current time and the amount of time left to finish the current board. It also displays which round is in progress and whether you should currently be on the first, second etc. board in that round.

If desired, you can set it to play a user-selectable sound whenever players should be moving on to the next board, a different sound when it's time to move for the next round and a third when the time for moving is over. Players at my club are getting very well trained. As soon as the computer goes "TARA!" they all get up and I don't even need to call the movement.

Inevitably there will be delays - or maybe even a round where everyone finishes early (yes, it really does happen sometimes). At any time you can add a minute here, take one off there to keep the timer synchronised with reality. Every time you make an adjustment, the timetable for all subsequent rounds is automatically adjusted so you can see the impact of your changes on the final end time.

Finally, if you are using BridgeMate scoring, you can instruct Competition Timer to switch automatically to Duplicate Scorer's results screen between rounds, then back to the clock again when the next round starts.