Installing Duplicate Scorer

There are a number of standard Microsoft components upon which Duplicate Scorer is dependent. Many of these will already be installed on most users' computers so, to keep download times to a minimum, these components are not included in the standard download package.

If your computer doesn't have all the required files, the installation program will display a message telling you that you are lacking one or more of the required files and asking if you wish to run an alternative installation program. If you click on OK, a much larger installation program will be downloaded. I call this the "full installation package" and it includes all the components you might need for installing Duplicate Scorer.

The full installation package can take quite a long time to download - over an hour using a standard modem. If you have broadband, this will be less of a problem.

I have similar problems with the file size when uploading. For this reason I tend not to keep the full installation package as up to date as the standard package. Don't worry, though. Once you have performed the full install, you will have every component you could possibly need to run Duplicate Scorer so you can subsequently run the standard install to upgrade to the latest version.

In the unlikely event that the above mechanism should fail, you can explicitly download and run the full installation package by clicking on the button below.

To run the standard installation package, click on the Duplicate Scorer item in the Download menu on the left of this screen.

Download Full Installation Package