Club Option Pack

Important Information. Please Read

In the latest version of Club Database Manager, the format of the club membership database has changed slightly. There's no need for you to take any action because your database will automatically be upgraded the first time you run the new version. However the new format is not compatible with older versions of the Club Option Pack. That means there is no easy regression path and if you are running Club Database Manager on more than one computer you must upgrade all of them.

You are strongly advised to make a backup copy of your membership database before upgrading to the latest version of the Club Option Pack. To make a backup copy of your membership database, start your existing Club Database Manager, click on the File menu and choose Archive database.

The Club Option Pack uses a Microsoft component called Microsoft Data Access Components, or MDAC. Unfortunately Microsoft release new versions of MDAC more often than most people change their trousers. The Club Option Pack requires MDAC version 2.7 or later but Microsoft commercial rules prevent me from shipping this with the product.

To ensure you have a suitable version of MDAC, visit At the time of writing, the latest version was MDAC 2.8 SP1. I recommend that you download and install the latest MDAC version before attempting to use the Club Option Pack. If your MDAC is already up to date, this will do no harm.

If you have any problems with installation, please see the notes at the end of this web page.

Download Club Option Pack for 32 bit Windows systems.
Download Club Option Pack for 64 bit Windows systems.

Notes for users experiencing installation problems

The buttons on this page link to Windows executable (.exe) files. Some users may find that their browser's security settings prevent them from linking to such files. If you find that the buttons do not work, then you can get around this by explicitly typing the web address of the required installation file into your web browser's address bar (or you can cut and paste the address from this page). The explicit addresses of the Club Option Pack's installation files are:

For 32-bit Windows systems
For 64-bit Windows systems
Please note that the above web addresses are case sensitive.