Club Licence Terms

A Club Licence covers use of Duplicate Scorer on multiple computers in a bridge club (as detailed below). It does not cover the Club Option Pack which is a separate product and requires a specific licence.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that a licence is necessary for their requirements, and to use the free trial period to ensure that the Advanced Features meet their requirements. Licence fees are not refundable.

A Club Licence is the property of the club nominated at the time of purchase (hereinafter called the "nominated club"). Rights to use the Pairs Scorer Advanced Features only extend to individuals for so long as they remain members of the nominated club.

A single user number and licence key will be issued to the nominated club. This club licence key may be installed and used on any number of computers owned by the nominated club, or on the personal computers of bona fide members of the nominated club, for the sole purpose of scoring events at, or sponsored by, the nominated club.

If an individual ceases to be a member of the nominated club they will cease to be licenced to use the advanced features on their personal computer. The licence does not permit members to use the software's advanced features for personal competitions or those organised by other bridge clubs or organisations.

A licence removal tool is included in the latest downloads of Duplicate Scorer. Any individual leaving the club must run the licence removal tool and delete the club licence key from his or her personal computer. The licence removal tool should also be used to remove the licence from any club-owned computers before they are sold or otherwise disposed of.

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